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1. Migration Transactions (Opening Transactions dated 31st March 2018): These transactions were taken as opening balances from Client's Holding Statement

2. The transactions are bifurcated into open positions (the purchase is not yet sold), Short term (The sale is within one year of purchase date), Long term (The sale is above one year of purchase date) and speculative (bought and sold on the same day)

3. A negative holding in your portfolio Other section indicates that you have sold more shares than what were updated in your Portfolio. This can happen if you have not updated transactions like IPO allotment, Rights Issues, transfer of shares or any other corporate action or transation not linked to ACMIIL separately


1. Product is still under development and could be susceptible to calculation errors. Clients are advised to review their records independently.

2. This is an additional service provided by ACMIIL as a starting point to prepare capital gain calculations and ACMIIL is in no manner accepts any responsibility for the information displayed. Your portfolio has been divided into long term and short term or speculation, purely on the basis of the holding period. ACMIIL does not take any responsibility on how such trading activity may be construed by the Tax authorities.

3. This report shall not in any manner be construed to be an opinion issued by ACMIIL on the taxation or accounting aspects of the trading activity of the clients. The clients are advised to take independent view from the relevant experts in the said fields for such aspects. ACMIIL shall not be liable for any loss, tax, cess, damages etc., whether directly or indirectly by the clients for relying on the information provided to the clients through this report. The client understands that their reliance on the said reports is at their risk and responsibility alone.

4. Information displayed is as available with ACMIIL. Client is expected to review the same before relying on these reports. Clients have been provided the option to change the information as provided herein. ACMIIL shall not be liable for the information displayed or the information that may be modified by the clients.

5. Report is not updated for corporate actions , investments through IPO/OFS during the clients holding period. The client is expected to account for the same while maintaining their portfolios.

6. Presently these reports are provided for Equities only.

7. Total Buy Price & Total Sell Price includes Brokerage.

8. This report is based only on the basis of transactions executed through ACMIIL.

9. ACMIIL is not a tax advisor and clients should take independent tax advice while using this report to file his returns.

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