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The world’s largest market - driven primarily by fundamentals

The economies of the world are connected with each other through currency markets, which act as a vital link. Every country deals with a host of other countries for imports, exports, remittances, and other fund flows. Each economy deals in an identified currency. Through the exchange rate mechanism and currency markets, they deal with the other country. That is how, the currency markets are the biggest, finest, and most vibrant of all markets, active 24 x 7 for 365 days. Currency markets provide a platform to hedge currency exposure, a platform to trade based on a view on currency markets, and lots of derivatives to meet diverse objectives. Exchange-based currency markets are relevant to a whole lot of entities.

Benefits of Currency Trading


View-Based Trading

For Individuals & Corporates

Take advantage of the two-way movement of markets through Currency Futures & Options using our online currency trading platform. What makes Forex trading using Futures & Options a must-have for all investors’ portfolios are advantages such as small margin requirements, lower entry barriers, and multiplicity of options.



For Individuals & Corporates

Investors can benefit from the price difference in two ways – the difference in price between different markets and between different exchanges. Furthermore, they can also benefit from arbitrage on the prices between OTC* and ETCD^ market.


Investors Residing in India

For Individuals

Indian residents looking to invest abroad, can use currency derivatives to hedge their offshore investments


NRI Investors

For Individuals

Investing in currency trading in India is not just for residents, even as an NRI (Non-Resident Indian) you will be able to protect your portfolio from currency risk while investing in India.


Hedging for Importers & Exporters

For Corporates

In case of fluctuations pertaining to exchange rates, you will be able to take appropriate positions and hedge any potential losses from your exports or imports.


Hedging for Foreign Currency Loan Borrowers

For Individuals

Investors will be able to hedge all unexpected increases in periodic repayments of Foreign Currency Loan if there are fluctuations in the exchange rates.

OTC: Over-The-Counter Market (Off-Exchange Market)

ETCD: Exchange Traded Currency Derivatives Market