NRI Services - Investment bouquet from India to NRIs

India has become the most popular financial market globally and is the most preferred country for global investors for investment. To move away from home and worry about how to manage capital and banking services or investments back at home is very common among NRIs. ACMIIL offers a range of investment products customizable for the NRIs. is the one-stop shop for all NRI services- from opening a Demat account to choosing the right investment product.

Our NRI services allow you to invest and withdraw at your convenience. ACMIIL will help you to choose the financial products matching your portfolio and goals. You can invest in mutual funds or any investment product from our website or mobile app. At ACMIIL, we are passionately motivated to collaborate with the ethical and dynamic process for consistent wealth-building irrespective of bull or bear runs in the finance market. We provide the timely advice and right product for investment.

How can NRI invest in India?

As an NRI, when you start exploring investment options in India, there must be many questions clouding in your minds, such as How can NRI invest in Mutual funds or the stock market? What are the limitations NRI can face while investing in India? Can NRI open a trading account in India? We offer solutions to all such questions.

1. ACMIIL offers solutions to all your investment-related queries and assist you in executing and managing all investments.

2. Our experienced and expert research team will provide you the access to quality research and advisory services.

3. We have a special desk for NRI customers. You can enjoy our ‘call to invest’ facility. This will enable you to place your orders over a call or via email.

4. Online access to all your investment-related reports such as portfolio tracker, transaction summary, and financial reports.

5. We have collaboration with the banks to offer services to our NRI clients. This collaboration works in favor of all NRI clients to open any bank account such as an NRI trading account and Demat for NRI to enjoy different investment transactions.

There are two modes to open NRI Investment Accounts

Online Account

Here, an NRI trading account for you will be opened with us (ACMIIL); a banking and depository account will be opened with one of our collaborated banks.

Offline Account

In an offline account, an NRI trading cum depository account for you will be open with us (ACMIIL); a banking account will be opened with one of our collaborated banks.

NRIs can make investments in

Once NRI opens an account and is active, you can start making investments in our following products:

1. Equity Cash - BSE & NSE

2. Expert chosen Equity basket (iBasket)

3. Different categories of mutual funds

4. Bonds and Non-convertible Debentures (NCDs)

5. Offer for Sale (OFS) via a stock exchange

6.Portfolio Management Scheme

7.Much more



Middle East

Asit C Mehta (ACM) as my financial intermediary has been one of the excellent choices that I made almost a decade ago and continues to this day, primarily because of the client relationship management.

Venkat Subramanium


I have always recommended my friends to Asit Mehta when it comes to Equity investment and trading. One distinct trait is that the entire team I deal with are forth coming and transparent and provide me with the right kind of advice at the right time, when it comes to Equity Portfolio Management.

Hiren Shah

New Jersey, USA

I am a customer of ACMIIL for more than a decade and had very positive experiences with the company and its phenomenal customer service. When I started my brokerage account, the online trading was not mainstream. ACMIIL was one of the first brokerage firms to provide the online equity trading service. More importantly, I have always received personalized customer service with help ranging from investment ideas, research analysis reports, trade executions, and account management Thank you ACMIIL for the great service so far and I look forward to continuing relationship with many more years/decades to come.

With all best wishes,

Shabbir Ujjainwala


My relationship with Asit C Mehta is more than a decade. I appreciate the quality and excellence of services received on timely basis. Also continuous enhancements and improvement were initiated periodically based on suggestions provided. Also customer relationship manager are in continuous touch in order to provide right suggestions and helps to grow the capital effectively.

FAQs - NRI services

Non-residing Indians (NRIs) are the Indian citizens who live abroad and Person of Indian Origin (PIO) refers to the foreign citizen who was born in India, has Indian parents, grandparents, or an Indian spouse.

Any Indian citizen living abroad who wants to start investing in the Indian capital market must -

  • open new bank account- NRE/NRO or both with one of our affiliated banks, RBI approved.
  • apply for general approval to invest in the Indian stock market through the specific bank branch.
  • open a Demat Account for NRI with an depository to hold shares and register to execute buy/sell orders for the NRI investor.

NRE account- It is the external savings bank account for NRIs. It is known as Non-Resident External Account. It is a regular account for NRIs same as an ordinary savings account. Any funds available in NRE account can be used in any country outside India. These funds can be converted into any foreign currency and can be used for everyday purposes.

NRO account- It is the ordinary account for NRIs. It is known as a Non-resident Ordinary account. Because it is an ordinary account, like a normal savings account, funds available in NRO Bank account cannot be taken to another country from India. This means funds lying in the NRO account can be useful only for transactions in India. However, funds to the extent of 1 milion dollars can remitted abroad by obtaining CA certificate in Form 15 CA/CB, once in any financial year.

Funds can be easily transferred from NRE to NRO Bank account, but no funds can be transferred from NRO to NRE account.

NRIs are allowed to directly invest in the units of Mutual funds, debentures of Indian companies, and shares. NRIs can also create their investment portfolio by purchasing shares/debentures of the Indian companies through stock exchanges. Such facilities are available on both repatriation and non-repatriation basis.

According to section 6(5) of FEMA, NRI can continue to hold the securities which he/she had purchased while being an Indian resident. It is essential to transfer those securities to the Non-resident ordinary (NRO) account.

RBI has advised banks to revise such accounts as resident accounts once the account holder returns to India.