Investmentz mobile

Account Summary

Account summary helps to keep track of investment.

Step 1 : Login to your investmentz account

Step 2 : Click on the Menu bar

Step 3 : Click on the A/C Sum. Option

Step 4 : You will land on the Account Balance page where you can see

  • Day wise M2M & Net wise M2M
  • 1. Today's Account Balance
  • Op. Ledger Balance 
  • Collateral Stock Value 
  • Intraday Payin
  • Holding Sell Valuation 
  • Margin Release Valuation
  • Manual Admin Limit
  • Additional Limit
  • 1.Other Account Balance
  • Op. Ledger Balance 
  • Intraday Payin

Step 5 : Click on Margin Available to know your Running Ledger Transaction in detail

Step 6 : Click on the Funds to Add Fund or Withdraw Fund

Step 7 : Click on the Add fund to add Balance to your account. Enter your Common client code, Account Holder Name, Market Segment & Amount then press submit.

Step 8 : You can do the payment with the following options

Step 9 : To Withdraw fund click on the withdraw button

Step 10 : Enter your Withdraw amount and then press the withdraw button