Our employees are our growth engines

Asit C. Mehta Investment Interrmediates Ltd. (ACMIIL), one of the leading financial service providers in India, has a work culture that favours independence in decision making, a friendly work environment, dynamism in thoughts, and building trust among employees, which is so crucial to a healthy working atmosphere.

To deliver our business goals, we strongly believe that it is vital to have people with the right talent, skills, and creativity. We embrace diversity in our workforce. We give full and fair consideration to all applicants and the continuing development of all employees regardless of gender, race, creed, and social status.


  • We conduct various departmental and supervisory feedback surveys that give the employees a platform to voice their opinions.
  • We employ an efficient appraisal system to analyze your performance. Thus, we help you improve your skills and capabilities on a continuous basis.
  • Our fun@work committee is created to make sure there are always events for employees to create a healthy work-life balance.
  • Periodic training sessions that help to enrich the knowledge, skills, and abilities of our employees.
  • We encourage employees to define and shape their career path through learning and development initiatives, performance feedback, and internal job opportunities.


We are always looking for dynamic, motivated, and disciplined professionals to join our growing family. ACMIIL offers a wide range of opportunities including, but not limited to retail, institutional, investment banking, and other corporate functions.

Here are the roles we regular recruit for:

  • Stock broker jobs
  • Equity analyst jobs
  • Equity research jobs
  • Various equity trading roles
  • Client relationship management roles

In case you are interested in a career in any of the above roles, Apply Now.

Just submit your resume where your profile fits best and leave the rest to us. If you have what it takes, we are waiting for you at ACMIIL.

This assessment helps us achieve our goals by being a better workplace for our employees. Creating and sustaining a great workplace for employees is one of our most significant investments towards our long-term success.

  • Job ID: Accounts Executive
  • Position: Team Member – Employees Payments
  • Department: Company Accounts
  • Min. Experience: 2-4 years of relevant experience
  • Location: Andheri – Mumbai
  • Job ID: Mutual Funds Sales
  • Position: Sales Team Member
  • Department: Mutual Funds Distribution
  • Min. Experience: Minimum 2 years relevant experience
  • Location: Fort- Mumbai
  • Job ID: Customer Service Executive
  • Position: Team Member
  • Department: Operations- Customer Services
  • Min. Experience: 1 year of relevant experience
  • Location: Andheri – Mumbai
  • Job ID: Research Analyst
  • Position: Analyst
  • Department: Institutional Equities Business
  • Min. Experience: 4-6 years of relevant experience
  • Location: Andheri – Mumbai


Bejal Tandel
  • Bijal Tandel

It has been a great experience in working at ACMIIL. I have got many opportunites here, from managing a team to implementing new ideas in the finanical market. Aiming to ensure that every client has the best user experience with financial application.

Jaideep Vaidya
  • Jaideep Vaidya

I have been working with Asit C. Mehta Investment Interrmediates Limited (ACMIIL) for the past 10 years. The work environment here is very conducive to explore new ways of doing work and encourages learning on the job and thinking out of the box for fulfillment of tasks assigned. This instills self-confidence in a person.

Sapan Karia
  • Sapan Karia

ACMIIL is a wonderful place to work ! I joined the ‘Investment Banking & Corporate Finance’ department of this company in December 2017. This organization has provided me a great mental space to work, learn and grow within well defined set of fair and ethical boundaries. The management and the head of department believes in me, encourages me, and gives me the freedom to share my ideas, my opinions and perspective. I feel I am lucky to have an opportunity to work for this company.

Mr.Akhil Rathi
  • Akhil Rathi

I am with ACMIIL from last seven years. I had learnt many new things in my journey which is very constructive for future. The work culture over here is on professional standards which is outstanding as compare to competitors. Knowledge & ideas sharing in ACMIIL is superior which is helpful for all employees. Top Management is excellent & very approachable. Overall my Experience in ACMIIL is good & would recommend other to join.

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Fees and other financial terms and conditions for investing in stock baskets:

  • The client agrees to pay the fees calculated in the manner and on the rates as provided in the Schedule I.
  • The Basket profits or returns would include any dividends, benefits received out of corporate actions.
  • All the costs, fees, charges as per schedule I and expenses of whatsoever nature incurred by us in connection with the acquisition, holding, sale and transfer, in respect of the dematerialized state charges of the Depository Participant, in respect of Securities shall be paid by the Client.
  • A new separate DP account is required for all investors for the basket investments.
  • For new and existing clients, the Demat account will be used only for equity basket and Investor is free to open separate Demat account for self managed investment.
  • During the course of investment, we will invest as close as possible to the basket amount. Some small surplus to be left due to rounding off that amount will be managed /invest/return to the investor as suitable.
  • The stocks in the basket will be as per the discretion of the ACMIIL. These stocks would be reviewed from time to time and the rebalancing, (if any), of the stocks in the basket would be at the discretion of ACMIIL.
  • You are free to exit basket wise or exit from all basket at any point of time. You are not allowed to selectively exit from any stock or add any stock to the basket.
  • In case of a bank mandate, we will need 20% more mandate of the basket amount as the stock price will fluctuate time to time. The amount taken from bank would be actual value of Basket.
  • The Client agrees that in the event of a dispute, the Claims, if any, by the Client cannot exceed the fees paid by the Client for the year for advisory services in Rupee terms.
  • The client agrees that in case of any dispute, the claim and/or disputes will be referred to arbitration as per the Rules, Bye-laws and Regulations of the Stock Exchange where the trade is executed and the circulars/notices issued there under as may be in force from time to time.
  • As a SEBI registered stock broker, we are permitted to act as an adviser. This product is part of our advisory activity.
  • As a SEBI registered stock broker, we are permitted to act as an adviser. This product is part of our advisory activity.

Schedule I

Fees Structure
Nature of FeesFees
Basket FeesINR 300 per basket + GST (Charged upfront)
Advisory Fees (Second year onwards)2% p.a+ GST (Charged upfront on Basket Value)
Approx Transaction Charges0.13%
Note: In Basket fees and Management Fees, GST will be recovered at the applicable rate.
Transaction charges includes Brokerage, STT, Stock Exchange charges, Stamp duty, SEBI Charges & GST

Fees Structure Example:

Suppose Client A has bought 1 basket for 36 months so he will pay INR 300 per basket as Basket fees for 36 months and from 13th month onwards he will pay Advisory fees for 1st basket as one year ends for the basket. So, after completion of one year the client A has to pay the Basket fees (13th month fresh basket) as well advisory fees (1st basket upfront Advisory fees for second year).

Transaction Charges Includes
STT (Central Govt)0.1% on Transaction Value
Transaction Charges (Stock Exchange)0.0034% on Transaction Value
Stamp Duty & SEBI Charges0.011% on Transaction Value
GST18% on Transaction Charges.
  • I have understood that Investment in securities market is subject to market risk, read all the related documents carefully before investing. Past performance is not indicative of future performance and future results. The recommendations made by ACMIIL could be those that are based on its own research or on the advice of a SEBI registered Investment Adviser.
  • I have understood the equity basket fees terms and other financial conditions and the clarifications required by me. I understand that the investment in Equity basket is subject to risk associated with equity investments. I have understood the investment process and other aspects of the product.
  • I hereby agree to participate.

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