Add An Investment Account To Your Bank Account

If you are the customer of Bank of India and Syndicate Bank, Asit C. Mehta Investment Intermediates (ACMIIL) can stretch those accounts by providing access to the Stock Exchanges. You can now open a 3-in- 1 account with us and start planning your nvestment. Market expertise, insightful research reports, call-2- invest service, advisory, and much more, all through your 3-in- 1 account.



It is a unique account that provides you with a combination of.


Thousands of bank customers have benefited from ACMIIL’s 3-in-1 account. It is your turn now. Take advantage of our expert knowledge and state-of-the-art investment platform and make your transition towards well-informed investing.

  • Get a seamless and highly efficient investment experience through our state-of- the-art investment platform.
  • Enjoy a secured way of keeping your assets with the bank and get access to a best-in- class facility to participate in the secondary market.
  • A 3-in- 1 account with ACMIIL’s Bank Partners integrates the online investment account, bank account, and demat account on to a single platform, enabling you to perform your stock market transactions easily and effectively.
  • Get regular SMS and email alerts from ACMIIL, enabling you to make well-informed online investment decisions.
  • Receive research reports and advisory services to help you constantly in achieving your investment objectives.
  • Get 24*7 online access to account information.
  • Get charts with various analytical tools to assess investment options better.
  • Check your account details and transactions details via the Investmentz mobile app on the go.
  • Get high levels of security with 128-bit encryption.
  • Access our ‘Call-2- invest’ service to invest in Equities, Mutual Funds, Offer for Sale and Corporate Fixed Deposits.
  • We help you synchronize funds and equity transfers both ways without your intervention, under authority given to your bank.
  • Our ‘Tax Tracker’ solution helps you work out capital gains (short term, long term) for filing your returns.
  • All documents must be self-attested along with In-person verification (not a benefit / to be removed).

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Housewife, Chennai

ACMIIL has a transparent business practices and friendly dealing methodology. ACMIIL also works constantly to raise the bar of the standard of financial services. A relationship with ACMIIL is like an ongoing pleasant journey.


Businessman, Mumbai

My friend suggested me to get in touch with ACMIIL. I was surprised to see the way they simplified the investment terms so that I could understand and make a right decision. Thank you ACMIIL for your detailed yet simple and easy to understand advice on investment.


Working Professional, Mumbai

I have been using services of ACMIIL since the last one year and I’m very satisfied with them. The staff is competent and quick in executing orders. They also provide tips and technical assistance on stocks. Initially, I began with one account and eventually opened another four accounts owing to their excellent customer service. I recommend ACMIIL to all my family members and friends.


Businessman, Mumbai

My journey with ACMIIL has been an enriching experience. The prompt and valuable customer service provided by the staff is commendable and the manner in which investment advice is provided involves an utmost level of transparency & simplicity. I hope to continue my association with ACMIIL in years to come.

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