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Now invest in the equity markets in a disciplined and rewarding manner to achieve your financial goals. offers a set of well curated baskets to meet your investment needs. Each basket is designed to provide required equity exposure though portfolio of stocks of 10-12 different companies ranging from Small/mid caps to Large caps. These baskets are monitored by Equity specialist team which can help to generate higher risk adjusted return. The baskets are constructed to suit different types of investor risk profiles from moderate to aggressive.

We have seen that most of the investors investing directly in the equity market take decisions based on poor research, gut feel or stock tips which is a highly unstructured manner. This approach is not only risky but also guided by emotions and hence, does not help in generating long term wealth. The net result is erratic and sub-optimal equity returns.

Our stock basket is the best solution for the investor who wishes to invest directly in Equity market in a structured manner.


1.Baskets designed by equity experts to targeting highest return on Safety


2.Flexible purchase dates and plans


3.Absolves investors from what, when, why and how of investing

Stock Basket Comparison with Mutual Fund SIP


Stock Basket

  • All-you-need curated set of baskets
  • Hassle-free selection
  • Flexible Dates
  • Approach focused on safety

Mutual Fund SIP

  • Over diversification in Mutual fund schemes
  • Investments possible only on selected dates
  • 1000s of scheme to select from

ACE Largecap

  • 1. Stocks selected strictly from the large-cap universe of largest 100 stocks
  • 2. Stock universe is the true reflection of the Indian economy since they account for more than 50% of the organized GDP of India.
  • 3. Companies in this basket have stable and large businesses

ACE Midcap

  • 1. Stocks selected strictly from the mid-cap universe of the largest 150 stocks beyond top 100 stocks
  • 2. Mid-cap basket offers exposure to stocks from a pool of top industry players with strong fundamentals and attractive prices
  • 3. Basket portfolio can have higher volatility compared with large-cap stocks
  • 4. These stocks are the next level industry leaders after the large-caps and offer exposure to a wide variety of industries

ACE Small Cap

  • 1. Stocks in this basket are small cap stocks having a market cap of at least 1000cr
  • 2. In this basket stock are emerging businesses that have a potential to capture market share and grow their business consistently.
  • 3. A high risk-high return strategy with significantly higher volatility at times compared to mid and large cap baskets

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