20th February 2019 | VOL 13 | ISSUE 7 Fortnightly Issue

How Does A Mutual Fund Work?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone mentions mutual fund. It’s boring and complicated, but is it? Let’s find out. Let’s see how a mutual fund operates. Investors  like us pool in money to help form a mutual fund.

Successful Investors Cooperate With Market

Benjamin Graham invented the concept of Mr. Market. According to him. Mr. Market—the personification of the whole stock market—who comes to you as an individual investor on a daily basis and offers to buy or sell stocks at his quoted prices. The job of an investor, according to Graham, is to take advantage of Mr. Market. 

 5 Ways You Can Make Your Money Earn For Itself

How you use your money makes a big difference in terms of the returns it fetches you in long run. Here are 5 ways you can make your money earn for itself:

Portfolio Management Services

Over the past 30 years it has been our endeavour to bring products which are with the time from equities to mutual fund from commodites to currencies. Now we are proud to launch our Portfolio Management Services.


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