Most of us have watched and remember that iconic gameshow on TV.

In that program, getting to the hot seat in front of the anchor was a matter of sheer luck. Then making money was a matter of knowledge and sheer hard work required to attain that level of knowledge.

2. Don’t all of us want to become MAHA CRORE PATIS ?
3. Start investing TODAY in SIPs(systematic investment plans) of equity stocks and/or equity mutual funds.

Indian equity market (BSE Sensex) has given an average annual return of between 12% to 15% over the last 35 years,ONLYif youinvest continuously and HOLD ON for at least 15 years.

Themore timeyou stay invested themore richyou become. Think of 30 or 35 or 40 years from today and see the magical effect !!!

Amit age 23 years has just started working. He saves and invests Rs15000 every month. He does not withdraw that money ever till he RETIRES from work.

As he grows older, his salary also grows but he invests the same Rs15000 every month.

He just keeps investing regularly with full disciplineand commitment

Assuming he gets a return of 12% p.a. what do you think is the money he is earning?

Well, let’s check.

After 30 years (his age is 53 years) his money grows to Rs 5.24 crores !

After 35 years (his age is 58 years) his money grows to Rs 9.64 crores ! AND

After 40 years (his age is 63 years) his money grows to Rs 17.64 crores !

All this money is TAX-FREE !

Amit would have got even much more, had he increased the amount which he was investing… So what are you waiting for?



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All the best

Prashant M.Mehta



Disclaimer: Investment in securities market are subject to market risks, read all the related documents carefully before investing.

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