Investorpreneur – Hurray! A Swiss holiday? Investment? or Both?


This is a theatrical series that comprises interactive edutainment sessions on the most pertinent topic in the contemporary world – ‘Investment’. ‘Investorpreneur’ is a term coined to represent a lucrative combination of an investor and an entrepreneur. Every entrepreneur attempts to maximise business prospects and profitability to the fullest. Likewise, every investor looks to compound his/her investments over a given period of time. However, a successful ‘investorpreneur’ combines the winning qualities of an entrepreneur and an investor in his/her quest for maximising returns in the most optimum manner.

The series is divided into chapters and episodes. Each chapter would portray a theme, which will form the base for the episodes covering that chapter. These episodes would comprise interactive sessions between the main protagonist – the succesful investorpreneur and other characters, which would feed of the knowledge of the main protagonist. Written in simple and conversational English with a sprinkle of Hindi wherever necessary, the Investorpreneur series aims to ‘edutain’ you – a highly demanding investor, on the increasing importance of financial planning and investment. The sessions will help you understand various vital concepts pertaining to investment.


Episode 1: Hurray! A Swiss holiday? Investment? or Both? Oh! How do I solve this problem?



Chapter 2 is all about agreement, disagreement, and sarcasm between Rahul, Brand Manager at OLX and his wife Simran, a homemaker. A young, sometimes happy, and sometimes not-so-happy couple, Rahul and Simran are blessed with two children, Tia and Natasha. Rahul doesn’t draw a huge salary and has many monthly mandatory commitments that he needs to take care of. Moreover, he has two daughters whose education and marriage plans keep Rahul constantly engrossed in looking for avenues to multiply his income in order to plan his finances. On the other hand, Simran has a huge complaint that Rahul does not take her or the family on a foreign holiday, which has been long overdue. Moreover, she feels that Rahul is overcommitted to his job and lacks the ability to maintain an effective work-life balance. Thus, let’s see how Rahul and Simran’s plans unfold in the next three episodes of this chapter and how they teach us important lessons in financial planning.


The episode commences with Rahul and Ravi (Rahul’s cousin) sitting in the garden while Simran and Isha (Ravi’s wife) are in the kitchen preparing breakfast.


Simran : Aur bol Isha, what brings you here, sudden surprise and all?


Isha: As you know Simi Bhabhi that next week, Wednesday and Thursday are bank holidays and you know Ravi, he just needs an opportunity to plan a holiday. Thus, he applied for leave on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday and planned an entire week’s trip at the Boracay Islands in Philippines. So, we just came to see you guys once before we leave next week.


Simran ; (Isha stirred the hornet’s nest here. However, Simran somehow held her own)


Wow! Boracay Islands, tu toh lucky hai yaar! Your man takes you to such exotic places. Warna! (Simran sighs in sarcasm while she says this)


Isha: Simran Bhabhi, by the way, what did you guys plan for these two days? Kuch to kiya hoga, I mean Rahul Bhai works so hard, he needs a break every now and then.


Simran: Don’t ask Isha. He’s very good at working hard and giving perfect explanations for not going on a holiday. Do you know? Just before we got married he told me that he had planned our honeymoon at Pattaya and then as usual, he bought tickets for Goa and biwi ko pataya. He said budgets didn’t work out. Moreover, on our first anniversary he promised to take me to London for a UK tour and believe me, we ended up at Lonavala. Same old excuse. Sab kismat hai. Now the kids want him to take them to Disneyland and you know what, I’m sure he will take to them to Essel World at Madh Island.


Isha:Oh! Come on Simi bhabhi, he’s not that mean, I’m sure he would be planning something for you very soon.


(They leave for the garden. While Simran and Isha were chatting in the kitchen, Rahul and Ravi had a strong man-to-man chat in the garden coincidentally about the same topic that Simran and Isha were chatting about. So, let’s see what that’s all about and what it will lead to as Ravi has just told Rahul about his holiday plans)


Rahul: Oh! Brilliant man, so you have taken full advantage of Wednesday and Thursday being bank holidays. It’s a good place to visit.


Ravi: Thanks Bhai, what about you? Did you plan anything with Simi bhabhi and children?


Rahul: Nahi yaar. You know right that I have too many things on my plate currently. Children’s education, marriage, and my retirement plans are my biggest priorities, not a holiday.


Ravi: Bhai, please don’t mind that I’m telling you this but it is the need of the hour. I know there’s a lot of stress you face at work, and that you are constantly worried about plans for your children’s future and marriage. Man, looks like you have forgotten the concept of work-life balance. You need a break every now and then, believe me; it helps you get back to your task with more vigour.


Rahul: I understand all that Ravi but all these words look good in books and articles, not in real life. Is it practically possible for me to manage my home loan EMI, car loan EMI, house expenses, children’s education, planning their future, and securing Simi and my retired life while planning a holiday trip to Switzerland? Come on man!


(Ravi becomes highly worried by the attitude his elder brother has taken regarding work-life balance. He becomes worried that this attitude will have a major impact on Simi bhabhi. Thus, he decided to give some valuable tips to his brother, which could help him be a more versatile planner)


Ravi: Hmmm! Bhai, please listen to what I am going to say very carefully and don’t interrupt.


Rahul: Okay.


Ravi: Bhai, I know life is all about planning but believe me it is also about enjoying while you plan. This will enhance your planning capabilities. I have been reasonably succesful in my overall financial planning largely because I desired to get that bit more out of life and succeeded in doing so by going on reasonably frequent holidays. I feel proper financial and holiday planning has overarching effects and goes hand-in-glove. If we ignore one aspect, believe me the other aspect will be affected, whether we accept it or not. Bhai, you just need to have small financial plans in place to cover for your holidays.


Rahul: Small financial plans like what? Please elaborate.


Ravi: Sure. You have SIPs in your children’s names. Why don’t you have SIPs in your and Bhabhi’s name as well? Why don’t you start thinking about diversifying your investment portfolio? Meet a professional expert. They’ll invest your money in an ideal portfolio, balancing debt and equity assets, as per your risk profile and financial goals. You can look at tax savings options such as ELSS, ULIPs, and other beneficial schemes. Under the able guidance of a professional expert, you can subscribe equity shares under IPO and OFS. You could go in for corporate fixed deposits, which tend to offer higher interest compared with bank FDs. Other than spreading your risk among all asset classes, portfolio diversification will provide you with the all-important buffer for lifestyle expenses such as holidays. Please contact an expert right away to know more about asset allocation and diversification. Simply start planning your holiday calendar well in advance so that you can take a calculated guess of budgets and start creating a holiday fund for yourself. Bhai, where there is a will there is a way. Where there’s a will there’s a way. If you really want to take your wife and children out on a holiday, you can work out everything very smoothly by planning your finances well in advance. Work-life balance in a must in today’s fast paced life bhai.


Rahul: Ravi, thanks for your valuable advice. I think life made me stubborn and my ego didn’t allow me to see aspects, which you very correctly pointed to me today regarding work-life balance. Simi has been a great support all these years and deserves a great holiday. In my pursuit to save money for future by foregoing holidays all these years, I have definitely missed out on many wonderful moments with my wife and family. As they say, well begun is half done! I will talk to my travel agent tomorrow itself and work towards a good and long overdue Swiss holiday in a couple of months.


Ravi: I am really proud of you Bhai. Your decision is bang on (They hug each other as Rahul sees Simran and Isha approaching the garden).


Rahul: There we go, take the name of the devil and the devil appears.


Isha: Bhai, it is not fair. Please don’t call Simi bhabhi a devil.


Rahul: Okay guys, before we start having breakfast, there’s a formal announcement I need to make (he holds Simi’ hand). I am taking Simi on a well-deserved, long overdue Swiss holiday this summer. I will talk to my travel agent tomorrow itself and work out the deal. I have not taken leave for the past eight months. Thus, I will take a fortnight off for my darling wife Simran and take her to the gorgeous Alps where it is going to be Simi, me, and my two cute princesses. Thanks for all your patience Simi. (Simran is in a state of shock and does not know what to say)


Isha: See Simi bhabhi, I told you that Rahul Bhai is not that bad. After all, he loves you. Great decision bhai.


Simran: Thanks Rahul and let me tell you that you never need to say sorry to me. I know how hard you work to ensure a bright future for all of us. It is just that I wanted you to sprinkle a little bit of enjoyment into your plans somewhere. I’m proud of you. Isha, yes, my husband is taking me to Switzerland. (At this, all of them get on to the breakfast table as Ravi starts enjoying pudine ke parathe).


And Rahul and Simran planned many holidays and lived happily ever after!


This ends episode 1 of chapter 2 of the investorpreneur series. Ravi’s precious words of advice helped bring the much needed happiness and spice in his elder brother Rahul’s life.        


Disclaimer: Investment in securities market are subject to market risks, read all the related documents carefully before investing.

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