Investorpreneur – Dharam and Veer’s investment saga


This is a theatrical series that comprises interactive edutainment sessions on the most pertinent topic in the contemporary world – ‘Investment’. ‘Investorpreneur’ is a term coined to represent a lucrative combination of an investor and an entrepreneur. Every entrepreneur attempts to maximise business prospects and profitability to the fullest. Likewise, every investor looks to compound his/her investments over a given period of time. However, a successful ‘investorpreneur’ combines the winning qualities of an entrepreneur and an investor in his/her quest for maximising returns in the most optimum manner.

The series is divided into chapters and episodes. Each chapter would portray a theme, which will form the base for the episodes covering that chapter. These episodes would comprise interactive sessions between the main protagonist – the succesful investorpreneur and other characters, which would feed of the knowledge of the main protagonist. Written in simple and conversational English with a sprinkle of Hindi wherever necessary, the Investorpreneur series aims to ‘edutain’ you – a highly demanding investor, on the increasing importance of financial planning and investment. The sessions will help you understand various vital concepts pertaining to investment.


Chapter 1: Dharam and Veer’s investment saga

This chapter is about Dharam and Veer, two college buddies who graduated in 2011. Dharam and Veer were more like brothers and their resp

ective families also treated them in the same manner. Typical college buddies, they moved in gangs, bunked lectures, studied hard, and partied harder. In simple words, they enjoyed the sunshine while it lasts. They knew the moment they walked out from the comforts of their college life to enter real life, things will change dramatically. Both friends are happily married with two children respectively. Currently, Dharam works for Hindustan Unilever Limited as a Senior Product Manager drawing Rs. 75,000 per month. Veer is with Lintas as Assistant Manager, Corporate Accounts drawing Rs. 65,000 per month.

The episode commences with the entry of Dharam at Hardrock Café in Andheri, Mumbai where he comes to meet his good old buddy Veer. He sees Veer a little pensive and lost in thoughts.

Episode 1:

How Veer overcomes his fear for the stock market?

Dharam : Hey Veer, Hello! Where are you lost man?

Veer : Nothing yaar, it is routine financial planning issues. Set that aside. So, how’s the happening dude of Sydenham College, long time no see no hear.

Dharam : I’m fine. Ya, life’s changed so much after college man. So, how are you mate and how’s Richa? We should all meet sometime. Hello! Where are you lost Veer.

Veer : Sorry yaar, what were you saying?

Dharam : My god! Forget what I said. Looks like you have something that’s eating your mind up mate. What are best friends for? Share it mate, you’ll feel better.

Veer : Actually, Dharam, I wanted to meet you regarding something and take your advice.

Dharam : I’m all ears, please tell me.

Veer : Yaar, I draw 60K plus man but end up hardly with anything at month end. I don’t know where I’m going wrong. If this goes on, how will I s ave for my future, Richa, and our children?

Dharam : If you don’t mind can I ask you something?

Veer : Go ahead yaar; you’re my big bro man.

Dharam : Do you have any investment plan? How much do you set aside for savings/investment every month? How much did you invest in the s tock market?

Veer : I have no specific investment plan yaar. I just save a little money in FDs every now and then. Stock market is a big no for me man, it is full of danger. I won’t even think in that direction.

Dharam : Hmmm….So that’s your problem mate, lack of proper planning. What gives you the feeling that stock markets are full of danger? In fact, if you invest properly under an expert’s thorough guidance, there is nothing better than the stock market in terms of multiplying your money.

Veer : But Dharam, what about the volatility factor man? How can I safeguard my basic investment amount? What about all those scams like the Harshad Mehta one and other things?

Dharam : Good question mate. Let me disabuse you about two things today. First, you can cushion yourself against market volatility by using an optimal asset allocation mix. In simple words, you need to spread your money into diversified asset classes. This will largely safeguard your basic investment amount while multiplying it efficiently for you. Second, please do not forget that stock market investments in India are regulated by SEBI, which protects investors’ rights in tricky and in fact every situation. Nobody has the right to play with your hard earned money. In fact, after the Harshad Mehta scam, the government made many regulatory changes to cover investors against such major situations. For further info, you can visit the SEBI website. Moreover, there are professional experts to guide you in your investment decisions. So, where do you see the DANGER mate in the stock market?

Veer : Sounds great man, so what do you think I should do then?

Dharam : For starters, order something yaar, I’m hungry for god’s sake and understand why you are not able to save despite drawing 60K per month. The answer is simple, you are spending much more than you should. All you need to do is to work out how much money can you set aside every month towards savings and investment. Once you arrive at that figure, you can work on the asset allocation. I suggest you open two monthly SIPs of Rs 2000 each straight away in Richa and your name. Well begun is half done.

Veer : Dharam yaar, I can work out how much I can set aside to invest every month. But yaar, asset allocation, investment maximisation, SIP….My god! All this is going over the top….

Dharam : Don’t worry mate. If you find all that difficult, all you need to do is to contact a professional expert who will guide you all through based on your investment needs.

Veer : Hmmmm…..sounds interesting, will contact a good stock broking agency immediately…but what is this SIP mate?

Dharam : SIP stands for Systematic Investment Plan offered by top mutual funds. If you enrol for SIP, you pay a monthly pre-decided sum, let’s say, Rs. 2000, on a pre-decided date on which it will be directly debited to your bank account. The MF through its highly experienced fund managers will optimally allocate your money among different asset classes and provide you with MF units. Moreover, the biggest advantage you will have through SIP is that you can invest in the stocks of plenty of companies for as low as Rs. 2000 owing to the diversified business model of the MF.

Veer : Wow! Man, I’m in for SIP straight away and will contact an expert now and ensure that I do not miss out on the effect of compounding. Thanks a ton Dharam for removing my inhibitions about the stock market. You’ve eased my nerves and shown me that stock market, if planned properly, is a good way to multiply you investment.

Dharam : What are friends for Veer? No tensions yaar, chill maar?

Dharam has ensured that Veer has started taking prompt steps to become a succesful investorpreneur, have you? Please contact a professional expert and start investing.

All characters in this series are fictitious and bear no resemblance to real life, facts, or scenarios. Any similarity in real life with the characters of this series should be treated as a mere coincidence. Through this series, we intend to educate people about the growing significance of investment and financial planning through entertaining interactive sessions. We do not intend to hurt the sentiment of any particular person or religion either directly or indirectly. Moreover, we do not intend to discriminate between people based on their investment and financial strengths. We provide a wide range of advisory services pertaining to financial planning and investment. Therefore, the opinions and ideas cited in the series emanate from our prudent individual judgements, which we have developed through decades of market experience of serving thousands of successful ‘Investorpreneurs’. Thus, we are not responsible for any actions taken by the readers of this series based on the matter discussed in each of the episodes without consulting us officially. We request all the readers of this series to use their own discretion while assimilating the information provided in the series or contact us for further help.

Disclaimer: Investment in securities market are subject to market risks, read all the related documents carefully before investing.

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