1. Make it a habit of saving at least 33% (1/3rd) of your net take home salary every month. Ensure that you stick to this with rock solid discipline and regularity
2. Take these 3 simple steps NOW – buy a family floater mediclaim policy (to cover any unforeseen hospitalization expenses for you and your family), buy a basic term insurance plan (only if you have dependants) AND keep 6 months living expenses in a liquid fund or bank FD.


Take this 4th step NOW – invest all the remaining savings in good quality equity stocks and equity mutual funds through a monthly systematic investment plan (SIP)

This is the best way to beat inflation and create a RETIRMENT CORPUS FUND.

In the long term (take 15 to 50 years time frame) the equity market indices (NSE nifty and BSE sensex) have given an long-term average 15% to16% p.a. annualized returns, which is far better than the long-term average 6% inflation rate in India.

Example: Amit age 23 years has just started working. He saves and invests Rs15000 every month in a systematic investment plan. He does not withdraw that money ever till he RETIRES from work.

As he grows older, his salary also grows but he invests the same Rs15000 every month.

He just keeps investing regularly with full discipline and commitment

Assuming he gets a return of 12% p.a. what do you think is the money he is earning?

Well, let’s check.

After 35 years (his age is 58 years) his money grows to Rs 9.64 crores! AND

After 40 years (his age is 63 years) his money grows to Rs 17.64 crores !
4. At age 63 years, Amit withdraws this entire amount Rs 17.64 crores (believe it or not this entire amount is TAX –FREE!!)

He then invests this full amount in a bank fixed deposit with a well-knownnationalized bank. Assuming the interest rate is 8.5% p.a., he gets an annual interest of

Rs 1,49,94,000. After deducting 10% tax, he is left with Rs 1,34,94,600 yearly as interest. He takes the monthly interest option and gets Rs 11,24,550 (13494600 /12) from the bank.

Assuming his monthly family living expenses today are Rs 25,000 and factoring in a 6% annual inflation for next 40 years, the amount required for living expenses every month is Rs 2,57,000

(This means that whatever can be bought today for Rs 25,000 will cost Rs 2,57,000 after 40 years)



After 40 years, Amit gets monthly interest of Rs 11,24,550 and his monthly expenses are Rs 2,57,000 Hence after meeting his expenses, he is left with surplus money of

Rs 8,67,550 every month

And his principal amount of Rs 17.64 crores is INTACT and UNTOUCHED.

He can invest the surplus money every month again in a monthly SIP in equity stocks or mutual funds.

He can also enjoy the same lifestyle that he enjoys today…with out any TENSION!!


In case he wants to enjoy an even better and luxurious lifestyle, he can afford to do so as he has surplus money left every month.

Using this simple technique, Amit created his own, unbeatable RETIREMENT PENSION PLAN.

So, what are you waiting for?

We at www.investmentz.com provide financial planning services to our customers. Please call us right NOW to make your financial plan

Prashant M.Mehta



Disclaimer: Investment in securities market are subject to market risks, read all the related documents carefully before investing.

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