Tools & Platforms

Presenting new age investment tools & interface

We offer unique web-based interface with number of investment tools for investment and financial planning, which starts from your risk profiling, income-expense and asset-liability analysis to provide you with customized investment solutions to achieve your life time financial goals.

Investment Platforms

Unique investing interface which combines research, information, investment & financial planning together.
  • Web based Investing & Trading
  • Application based Investing & Trading
  • Mobile Investing & Trading

Innovative Financial
Planning Tools

Our website combines unique research-based innovative tools, developed using various research techniques such as qualitative and quantitative analysis, psychometric analysis, want and need differentiation analysis.
  • Financial Checkup
  • Risk Profiling
  • Risk Profile based Model Portfolio
  • Goal based planning

Research & Information

Research information tools to give right information in user friendly interface.
  • Stock Investing with live news flow
  • Comprehensive company data search

Review and Tracking

We do not believe in the concept ‘make investments and forget them’. We believe in tracking your investments, reviewing them, and providing you with ultimate solutions to do the re-asset allocation as and when needed.
  • Portfolio Tracker
  • Watch List
  • Financial planning – Re-asset allocation
  • Model portfolio–Re-allocation


In situations when you are unable to log in to Investmentz website, you can place orders securely over the telephone with the ‘Call-n-Trade’ service.