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We offer investment facility in the following products.

Online Products: Retail & HNI

Financial Planning

  • Risk profiling (RP)
  • RP Investment Planning
  • Goal based planning


You can buy and sell stocks under equity products.

Stock prices reflect companies’ performance. To gain from the ongoing growth in the Indian economy coupled with number of potential sectors expected to show higher growth in the long term, one needs to invest in equities regularly.

Futures & Options

You can now trade in Index / Stock futures & options.

Futures & Options are right vehicle to hedge your stock positions against market volatility.


You can now trade in commodities such as oil, gold, silver, metals, and other agricultural commodities.

The concepts of demand and supply are easier to understand. Low correlation with the equity markets makes commodities a perfect hedging option against inflation.

Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds invest in Equity, Debt and also able to hedge positions with Futures. With professional expert fund managers and lot of other benefits Mutual Funds are today an ideal product for Retail and HNI investors.

Offline Products: Retail, HNI & Corporate


We provide advisory, quotes, and trade execution in

  • Corporate Bonds
  • Tax Free Bonds
  • Company FDs

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds invest in equity and debt along with being able to hedge positions with Futures. With professional and expert fund managers and many other benefits, mutual funds are an ideal product today for retail investors.


You can buy a new company’s Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) through us.

Wholesale Segment: Corporate


We provide advisory, quotes, and trade execution in

  • Corporate Bonds
  • Government Securities
  • Treasury Bills (T-bills), and
  • State-Guaranteed Bonds

Interbank Forex

We provide price discovery for interbank foreign exchange clients in the voice market for:
  • Swaps
  • Outrights
  • Forwards
  • Interest rates


You can now trade in commodities such as Oil, Gold, Silver, Metals and Agricultural Commodities.

The concepts of demand and supply are easier to understand. Since the correlation with the equities markets is low, commodities are a perfect hedging option against inflation.


Currency hedging has become an integral part of investment management with a growing number of people transacting regularly with foreign currencies.
You can now trade in currency to avoid losses due to currency depreciation or for gains from currency appreciation.

Merchant Banking

Our group company Asit C. Mehta Investment Interrmediates Ltd. is a Category I Merchant Banker registered with SEBI. We are well equipped to assist companies in executing services such as:

Corporate Finance

Each business has a unique set of working capital requirements. Our team works with companies to understand the specific nature of their business and trade cycles, develop structures, solutions and products for their unique needs and provide solutions that are most appropriate for them. Some of the areas we work with companies are:


Our advisory services include but are not limited to the following areas:

  • Complex Regulatory Compliance: Our team assists companies in understanding and meeting regulatory requirements.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions: As part of financial engineering guidance, we assist companies in formulating their mergers and takeover strategies. Our in-depth expertise extends to a wide range of strategic M&A transactions including asset purchase and disposition, restructuring and re-organization.
  • Capital and Corporate Debt Restructuring: We assist companies in restructuring capital composition to improve upon their existing situation. We also assist companies review, re-plan and restructure existing debt from lenders, thereby enabling them to significantly re-arrange their planned cash flows.
  • ​Valuation: We provide valuation services to companies for various purposes such as ESOPs and asset valuations.

Real Estate

We have offerings that cover the entire life cycle of a real estate project:

Structured Finance

This specialized service offers unique funding opportunities to companies. One can accomplish this by taking a traditional security such as a conventional investment-grade bond and replacing the payment features associated with the traditional security such as interest and principal payouts with non-traditional payouts. These non-traditional payouts are not derived from the issuer's own cash flow but from the performance of one of more of the underlying assets.