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CommodityExpiry DateMeasureCurrentChange(%)High(Rs.)Low(Rs.)
  Gold DEC 2016GRMS 28275.001.2733063.0025458.00
  Gold M DEC 2016GRMS 28383.001.1431542.0027951.00
  Silver DEC 2016KGS 40000.000.7149936.0034959.00
  Silver M FEB 2017KGS 40838.000.3950902.0038150.00
  Silver .. FEB 2017KGS 40838.000.3750930.0040500.00

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Nickel futures fell during evening trade in the domestic market on Friday as investors and speculators trimmed their positions in ...

Company News

The Reserve Bank of India has today notified that Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs)/Foreign Portfolios Investors (FPIs) can n...