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How can equity products create long-term wealth?

Posted on 10 Nov 2017

With a logical conservative and long-term investment approach equity markets can generate the corpus to beat inflation. Understanding the value investing philosophy followed by Warren Buffett and his guru Benjamin Graham helps. In simple words this philosophy means buying Re. 1 for 50 paise. Thus this means buying a stock or an asset worth Re. 1 for a 50% discount is beneficial. The discount need not 50% it can also be around 30% to provide a good safety margin. That said the above philosophy b...

3 key fundamentals of investing

Posted on 02 Nov 2017

Yes what you heard from your grandparents during your childhood was absolutely right. It s always the early bird that catches the worm especially in the world of investing. Therefore starting your investments early can have a huge impact on your retirement corpus and financial plan. Following are 3 fundamentals of investing that will stand you in good stead going forward: Starting early You might have heard about the compounding effect of investment. Smaller chunks of money regularly invested o...

Brighten up this Diwali by investing in mutual funds

Posted on 18 Oct 2017

Diwali is a festival of lights that helps us transition from the shackles of darkness towards the prosperity and success. We consider Diwali a highly auspicious day for investing money since that investment will invoke the blessings of Goddess Laxmi bringing wealth and prosperity to the investor. Thus why not look to invest in mutual funds this Diwali and invoke the blessings of Goddess Laxmi. Generally for most of us investing has been saving money in fixed deposits buying gold or investing mo...

4 things we need to know before starting an ELSS SIP

Posted on 11 Oct 2017

Most of us are aware of SIP method of investing in mutual funds and its benefits. MF SIPs help you invest small sums of money regularly every month. The best part is that you can start investing in ELSS mutual funds through SIP schemes. You can start SIP for any type of mutual fund scheme. However for ELSS which is a tax savings mutual fund that allows you tax deductions for investments up to Rs. 1.5 lakhs under section 80C SIPs in ELSS funds allow you to make tax savings every month. This is a...

5 simple reasons to consider CFDs as your next investment asset class

Posted on 03 Oct 2017

Corporate fixed deposits (CFDs) are an investment asset class that is fast-gaining popularity in the past few quarters primarily owing to the returns it provides on investment coupled with other interesting propositions. With interest rates touching 8.25% flexible deposit tenures high AAA ratings signifying their degree of safety as an investment class it is recommended that you consider adding CFDs to your existing portfolio. This will not only provide you with stronger and stable returns but ...

Dussehra – Victory of good over evil

Posted on 26 Sep 2017

Popularly known as Vijayadashami Dussehra is celebrated on the tenth day of the month of Ashwin. The day marks the victory of good over evil. It is one of the most important days in the Hindu religious calendar. Nine days prior to the Vijayadashami day are celebrated as Navratri. The nine days of Navaratri are classified as per the three basic qualities of tamas rajas and sattva. The first three days are tamas where the goddess is fierce such as Durga and Kali. The next three days are Lakshmi r...

A working woman's guide to investment

Posted on 20 Sep 2017

Today s woman is the definition of modern society. Most women in India are highly career driven and constantly strive to be self-dependent. Over the years investment is increasingly becoming a buzzword for Indian women. Be it a working mother a young girl just graduated from college a homemaker or an elderly woman investment has always been the central focus of Indian women. Moreover women constantly visit investor education websites and try to keep themselves updated on the latest trends in in...

Investment Planning – The most important process in everyone’s life

Posted on 12 Sep 2017

Properly planning one s financial future can be one of the most important activities of that person s life. This is simply because one s future hinges largely on those key financial decisions that he or she takes during the prime of their lives. One of the most important things about investment planning is the fact that one must make a start at some point in time. However the most common thing among investors is the lack of understanding of when where and how to start investment planning. Inves...

How to build your emergency funds

Posted on 28 Aug 2017

Life is highly unpredictable and will throw you unexpected and unpleasant surprises every now and then. This is when it s good to have an emergency fund. This is a safety net that can help you cover unexpected or unforeseen expenses without actually breaking your monthly budget or without having to take on expensive debt. An emergency fund is really just that it s money for an emergency. However you need to think about it as an additional reserve of money separate from all your other long-term ...

Why is it important to convert your financial goals into a financial plan?

Posted on 17 Aug 2017

One of the major steps of financial planning is to convert your financial goals into a financial plan. To make it simpler for you to understand let s have a look at the following pyramid which shows the hierarchy of investment needs: The pyramid clearly shows that before we start planning towards our short and long-term goals at the high-end of the pyramid we need to start providing for contingency funds life insurance cover and health insurance cover. Let s start with the base of the pyramid c...


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