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Investors and GST

Posted on 23 Jun 2017

A lot has been written on the impact of GST and reasons why it should be implemented postponed or modified. The inevitability is here. On the midnight of 30 th June India will be liberated from multiple taxes as many as 15 taxes will be combined into a single tax called Goods and services Tax or GST as it is popularly known. The brand ambassador of GST ace badminton player P.V Sindhu says we will break from the shackles of multiple taxes. However little does she know that for the Indian investo...

How to organize your financial goals?

Posted on 15 Jun 2017

Did you ever measure your dreams using a measuring tape before you actually started dreaming? The answer most certainly is no.That s the best part. Be it of any size you don t and shouldn t stop dreaming. Let s take the example of this young guy from Mumbai who wanted to invest in an igloo in the Arctic region. Now isn t that a unique dream? That said the main issue for him was not the bizarre nature of his dream. The fact that he didn t think strategically about his dream couldn t make ithappe...

Savings Account vs. Liquid Funds

Posted on 12 Jun 2017

Let s understand Savings Account vs. Liquid Funds In this article we will be comparing savings bank account with liquid funds. Our grandparents and earlier generations use to invest regularly in traditional savings instruments such as bank FDs traditional life insurance plans gold and real estate. The investment avenues have broadened largely in the past three decades in India. Today you can spread your money across many asset classes such as Debt funds ULIPs Equity Funds Gold ETFs. These have ...

Why understanding your current financial status is crucial?

Posted on 02 Jun 2017

One of the best ways to understand your current financial status is to prepare and analyse your cash flow statement on monthly and annual basis. A cash flow statement would tell you whether you have surplus cash after you pay your taxes and after accounting for your lifestyle expenses. Please note that you need to consider data for a Financial Year from April to March. You can use the 50:30:20 guideline to track your budget using your cash flow statement. As per this guideline you must apportio...

4 reasons for the new generation to start investment right from their first salary

Posted on 26 May 2017

Positive demographic dividend higher disposable incomes and greater life aspirations are the best ways to describe today s young India. Your first salary is that special moment that you will cherish for a lifetime. Many of us throw a party with friends to celebrate this moment or buy mementos and gifts to greet the moment. Therefore the need for investment for the new generation or young India starts right from the time the first salary falls into the bank account. Your first salary becomes you...

Dividend funds vs. Growth funds in India

Posted on 20 May 2017

You can invest in mutual funds in India in two schemes Dividend and Growth funds. The main feature of Dividend mutual funds is that they pay out money to the investors. However Growth mutual funds do not pay out any money to the investors which makes them different from Dividend funds. Mutual funds earn money in diverse ways. They might invest in the equity market where they get dividend from companies. Moreover they might invest in debt where they would receive interest. Further they might buy...

Why you know your risk appetite before investment?

Posted on 08 May 2017

Best investors spread their money into different baskets rather than investing all their money into one basket. Remember what our elders told us don t keep all your eggs in one basket . That said you need to remember that you are investing your hard-earned money in different asset classes. Thus it becomes pivotal for you to identify your ideal risk profile to mitigate markets risks while deriving the most out of your portfolio. This becomes crucial because every individual possesses a different...

Did you know the advantages of investing in equity markets?

Posted on 28 Apr 2017

Consistent growth in foreign direct investment (FDI) and foreign institutional investors (FII) in the past two decades reflect emerging India s growth story. Factors such as cheap labour abundant resources young demographic dividend and high disposable income make India one of the most popular global investment destinations. The 2008 recession was one of the toughest periods for the global economy with top global indices such as Nasdaq Dow Jones Nikkei FTSE and Hang Seng collapsing drastically....

National Pension System (NPS)

Posted on 18 Apr 2017

A survey conducted by the United Nations Population Division World life span for every individual is expected to touch 75 years by 2050 which is currently at 65 years. Initiatives of the government of India such as Swachh Bharat Mission coupled with the growing awareness of better health and sanitation have started increasing the life span of Indian citizens. Thus the number of years that every individual would spend after retirement has increased in the past few decades in India. Given the inc...

Do you have a goal based approach towards investing?

Posted on 11 Apr 2017

Do you know anyone who puts a measuring tape around his dreams before he dreams? Your dream could be enormous or can even be a bizarre one because you don t always have an explanation for your dreams. There s this young lad from Delhi who wanted to buy an awesome igloo in the Arctic region. Now that s quite bizarre isn t it? However please note that the bizarre nature of his dream was not the main problem. The problem was that he did not give his dream a real good thought to make it come true. ...


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