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How to save money effectively

Posted on 20 Mar 2017

In this article we are going to look at the three most significant but forgotten rules of saving money effectively. These rules are actually common sense if we know them. However most of us seem to have forgotten them and hence don t practice them during our lifetime. You can be rest assured that once you know and follow these rules for saving money you will end up saving a good corpus. Let s get started with the rules: Rule 1: Do you know your purpose of saving money? Why you should save money...

How to choose your SIP investment plan as per your goal

Posted on 02 Mar 2017

Every person has individual long-term and short-term goals for life. Short-term goals include buying your favourite car or going on your dream vacation. Long-term goals include buying your own home taking life and health cover planning children s education/marriage and planning retirement. Therefore it becomes very important to choose your SIP investment plan wisely as per your goals. For your short-term goals you could choose fixed income plans or plans with less equity exposure which can prov...

ULIPs vs. ELSS – An Insightful Comparison

Posted on 20 Feb 2017

It is that time of the year when all eyes will be searching for investment options for tax savings. Nobody would want to pay more tax. It would be safe to presume that the story can t be too different for you. That s why the Tax Man has provided you with numerous tax savings options under the Income Tax Act. The best part these are legal effective and smart options to not only save on taxes but to also make your money grow. PPFs life insurance policy bank FDs and health insurance are tax saving...

Populism or Fiscal Prudence, what has Union Budget 2017 got for India?

Posted on 06 Feb 2017

Feb 01 2016 become a historic day in Indian politics as the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley merged the Union and Rail Budgets for the first time ever and presented it to the parliament. The general belief is that the FM this time has been able to strike a fine balance between populism and fiscal prudence . On one end allocating heavy budgets for expediting the progress of rural India and empowering the farmers were the need-of-the-hour priorities for the FM. On the other there were many major fis...

IPO – Journey of a small company to a big company in 5 years

Posted on 20 Jan 2017

Pan-India presence diversified products business expansion stronger brand presence and a promising growth trajectory in pursuit of these dreams Ankur started his own firm Dream Big in 2009. Things were smooth profits consistent but was that going to make Ankur happy the answer is no. Rest assured he wouldn t have heaved a sigh of relief until he achieved his objectives for Dream Big. Let s look at what he needs to expand his business diversify product portfolio and increase brand presence. Anku...

The 4 F's of financial planning you need to know this year

Posted on 10 Jan 2017

Financial planning is a very crucial process that will help you reach your future goals effectively. Thus if you re looking to save for retirement your children s education marriage own home dream vacation awesome car or other contingencies good financial planning is the only way forward. Here are the 4 F s of financial planning process that you must know to make your hard-earnedmoney work for you much more effectively: 1 st F: Financial situation analysis The first F and the first step in fina...

Tax Savings Funds & New Fund Offer (NFO)

Posted on 02 Jan 2017

NFOs are mutual funds that are into the business of managing your money. A fund manager of an asset management company keeps a constant eye on the equity markets debt markets real estate currencies gold and commodities. The idea behind this exercise is to identify the areas from where he can earn money from the funds that he has invested. Here s a simple example that illustrates the logical flow behind investment in NFO. Generally during Jan-March there is a mad rush among various people to sav...

3 simple tips to help you maximise money in your bank account

Posted on 15 Dec 2016

You save your hard-earned money in a bank account simply because it is a secure way of savings. You are well aware of the fact that returns in the form of interest rates on savings account hover generally in the range of 4-6%. The fact you need to understand here is whether you are getting optimal returns for your money parked in a savings bank account. Let us assume your year-end savings which you have accumulated in your bank account is Rs.100 000. Therefore the accumulated interest would rou...

Mutual Fund – A great investment opportunity

Posted on 09 Dec 2016

The two prominent questions that come in every investor s mind are what is a mutual fund? What are the benefits of investing in a mutual fund? Your financial requirements are likely to grow over time. Although your income may grow at a steady pace inflation will take its toll. Traditional forms of investments such as bank FDs gold or bank savings may not help you realize your financial dreams and life goals. The million-dollar question that you now need to ask yourself is how would you derive m...

Here's how you budget your money like a boss

Posted on 01 Dec 2016

Everyone would want to save for various types of financial goals. It could be travelling saving for your wedding saving for that home down payment or for having financial independence at some point in your lives. That said you might shy away from preparing a budget. This is because you think budgeting is some kind of a dire or a restrictive plan that is going to that is going to tell you how to cut out all the fun in your life so that you can save for these goals. However that is an absolutely ...


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