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What is General Insurance?

Posted on 24 Mar 2014

Insurance is classified in two section life and Non-Life. Insurance which caters to life is called Life Insurance. Whereas insurance which caters to non-life is called General Insurance. Non- life products are product which has a monetary value. For example in India we have Health & Medical Insurance Home & Property Insurance Motor (Car & Two Wheeler) Insurance Aviation Insurance and Crop Insurance too. Currently in India the products which have a greater awareness are Health Insurance Home and...

Why Life Insurance?

Posted on 14 Mar 2014

The word life has its own integrity and purity. So why to question or risk it??? Rather we should PROTECT it. The protect word itself is self explanatory which in financial terms we say insure or insurance. Life Insurance is important because it helps an individual to be prepared from an unforeseen circumstance or situation. The word prepared mentioned above is not that you can change or challenge it its just creating a financial cushion for your beloved ones/family when they are at emotional l...