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Who says, MFs are not performing!

Posted on 18 Mar 2014

You might have heard the old adage that one cannot compare apples with oranges. However one can compare apples with apples. The same principle applies everywhere even while we invest. Some of the investment products such as Equity Mutual Fund collect money from investors and invest in basket of selected stocks. This stock selection is primarily based on predefined investment objective of mutual fund (MF) schemes. For instance if equity MF scheme has an investment objective of investing money on...

Risk profile based funds

Posted on 10 Mar 2014

Types of general risk profile-based funds Aggressive funds- These funds invest a major part of their money in high risk high returns asset classes such as Equities. These funds carry high risk as there is no gurantee on capital you have invested but at the same time those may generate high returns than traditional investments depending on the growth of companies in which funds are invested. Equity investments are also ideally considered for long term investments of over 3 years and more. The ob...

How to build your mutual fund portfolio

Posted on 10 Mar 2014

To build your mutual fund (MF) portfolio you need to follow these simple steps. However we always advise you to take help of websites such as ours for performing complete financial planning and building your portfolio. 1) Identifying financial goals: The process of building your MF portfolio starts with identifying your financial goals which includes factoring in of possible rates of inflation. You would be in a better position to plan for retirement children s education marriage or buying a ho...

War creates Winner – MF perspective

Posted on 01 Mar 2014

War creates Winner. Make sure that you invest in Warriors. Mutual Funds are fighting like warriors in these challenging times and are likely to emerge winners in the long run. Currently it is a war between the equity and debt markets as these markets are poised to breakout in the medium-to-long term. May be both would breakout at the same time. Therefore it is important as an investors looking to beat high inflation to keep pace with the growing demand for better lifestyle and increasing prices...